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Resin Bound/Bonded Aggregate

What is it?

Resin bound/bonded aggregates use materials such as stone, flint, quartz or granite with a special resin that eliminates the problems associated with loose stone or gravel. There are two types of resin options available – resin bound aggregate and resin bonded aggregate.

  • Resin Bound Aggregate – the chosen material (stone, granite etc) is mixed together with a special resin and laid to create a smooth finish.
  • Resin Bonded Aggregate – first a special resin is laid on the surface and then the chosen material (stone, granite etc) is scattered on top of the resin to create a rough finish.

With both options there are a variety of aggregates and colours available.

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Where can resin be used?

Just like imprinted concrete, resin has a wide variety of uses. It can be used for internal or external purposes, driveways, patios, paths, courtyards, swimming pool areas, conservatories, roof terraces or balconies. Please note resin can only be laid on hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or block paving.

Why choose Suffolk Impressions resin?

  • individually designed to meet your needs
  • available in an extensive range of colours and materials
  • no loose stones, chippings or gravel
  • extremely durable
  • low maintenance (easy to clean!)
  • weed and moss free
  • anti skid options available
  • installed by an experienced and reliable team
  • good long term investment
  • environmentally friendly (option to use recycled materials)

What’s more, our team are able to provide additional work as needed to complete your project – we are able to build feature walls, steps, bricked enclosures and other features on request.

For stunning weed-free paving that is easy to maintain and long lasting, call us on
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